Choosing a Learner Management System

blended learning english iateflWell, this is a pretty niche area for a blog. If you’ve found your way here, you’re either lost, or you already have quite a high knowledge threshold, so excuse me if this space gets a little technical.

LMS for Blended Learning

If you manage Blended Learning programmes, or you are interested in doing so, then you obviously need an LMS (Learner management System). There are many out there to choose from – Moodle needs no introduction, but there are software options out there which may not be so familiar: Canvas, which was created by Utah based software designers, is still open source, and if you have the time and patience you may well find it a more user-friendly, less clunky option than Moodle, which is IMHO vastly over-rated.

Canadian e-doceo is not free, but the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ may apply, and if you have the budget it’s certainly worth considering. Only for those who are time por and well-funded. However,  if you’re a low budget start up looking to add value through your own sweat and blood, take a look at Sakai, which is open source, has a thriving community, and is run on a not for profit basis. It looks to be here for the long term.

Options for TOEFL

If you work in TOEFL, you may wish to consider options which come with content alraedy available for you to mix and match to créate your own courses. MacMillan Campus is a solid choice, one I would recommend for those working in secondary or higher education. Also, take a look at the truly innovative English360 which is ground-breaking in the sense that it facilitates self-publishing of teaching resources and has authoring tools so you can blend your own materials with this available on the platform. An excellent choice for independent freelancers, and what CEO, Cleve Miller, describes as Intrapreneurs.

Everyone has there preference, and much will depend on what your objectives are. There’s something for everyone and if you have personal experience of using any of the above, or an alternative LMS, please share it with our community.

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2 comments on “Choosing a Learner Management System
  1. Alicia says:

    Our school corporation has begun using My Big Campus (MBC) as an LMS. I just finished a third semester using MBC, and like it as a way to organize resources and communicate with students. I have used it to post weekly plans, homework PDF attachments, videos, online tutorials, create online quizzes (which are automatically graded). The MBC staff is very timely in answering any tech questions as they arise. I believe MBC is fairly new, and they have been expanding their services quite a bit in the past year. Currently, they are free 🙂

    • James Hoyle says:

      Thanks for sharing this one, Alicia. It is new to me and I’m sure new to most of our audience, so that’s very valuable comment. I will check it out. At first site it seems to have similar functionality to Edmodo. I wonder if there is anyone out there who can compare the two?

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