BESIG IATEFL Conference in Prague November 2013

Thanks to everyone who came to my presentation at the BESIG IATEFL conference in Prague on Saturday 9th November. Attached here is a copy of the presentation slides.

To summarise the message:

We have developed our own Blended Learning courses based on 3 possible course combinations:

  • Platform 50% Face-to-face classes 50% – students have one face-to-face class every week and are expected to dedicate a similar period of time to their work on the platform
  • Platform + Telephone Classes: The content of the telephone classes, which can be weekly or fortnightly is fully integrated with the online content
  • Platform + group classes in virtual classrooms. Again the content for online classes is specially adapted to the medium and is fully integrated with online content.

My talk showed that you can do this yourself using the English360 platform or, if you are a commercial organisation, you can receive training in project management and teaching on Blended Courses from us and open your own online school using our content and materials.

Please contact me if you are interested in hearing more.

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