About James

James Hoyle is the founder and director of Go English, a leading English langauge training services provider with offices in Barcelona, Madrid and London.

About James

Born in Leeds, but brought up in the much maligned port of Hull (Phillip Larkin did us no favours – ‘cut price town’), I studied History at The Queen’s College, Oxford, graduating in 1988. I went on to qualify as a solicitor, practising briefly in Manchester for my sins. Then, in 1995, I changed course (phew!), took a TEFL course in Leeds and moved to Barcelona, where I started teaching English. The rest is history.

I’m still a huge Hull City fan and am delighted they have returned to the Premier League!!! Other obsessions include beagles (mine’s called Nina), cooking and mountain biking. Very lucky to have two wonderful children to remind me what the point of  teaching and learning is.

About Go English

Go English was founded in 2001 by co-directors, Peter Gardiner and James Hoyle in Barcelona. From the beginning the vision was to create a high quality training organisation which provided a positive working environment for teachers, project managers and administrative staff. We are dedicated to helping people learn and are aware that learning is a life-long process for us as managers, for the teaching community and for all the participants of our courses. We’ll leave it to others to judge to what extent we’ve succeeded.

We are dedicated to helping people learn languages and to improving their ability to perform in the workplace in a global environment.

We currently have approximately 2000 students studying on our programmes and work with about 150 freelance professionals, as well as our 15 permament staff.


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