Year: 2014

Technology: friend or foe?

How are advances in technology going to impact on teaching and learning? At the IATEFL conference in Harrogate last month I attended a talk given by Mark Osborne, whose company, L2, is dedicated to developing and publishing innovative language learning solutions

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What exactly are we trying to learn? Is it really English?

Do you speak English

I recently attended the IATEFL conference in Harrogate, which is the International English Teaching event of the year. This post draws on a presentation given by Fiona Mee, CEO of York Associates , with whom I share a similar vision

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Artistic inspiration

the-snow-queen-Julie Kuyath

Art is a great source of inspiration and no doubt has been used by many a teacher as a springboard for a class. Obviously you can take recourse to famous artists. One of my personal favourites is Chagall and I’ve

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Change – Richard Gerver

In my last post I spoke about Richard Gerver’s presentation at the BETT conference in London last month. I was impressed enough to buy his book, Change, on Amazon. Worth a look for anyone who has to think about or

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BETT conference in London, January 2014

sharing knowledge

I attended the BETT conference in London at the Excel centre last week. Anyone who was there will know that it’s the biggest education trade fair in the UK by a country mile. Michael Gove caught the headlines with his

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